Been Collected!

Been Collected!

How many people know about the super cool shop in the Plaza District here in OKC? There is an awesome little shop there called Collected Thread that I’ve always loved. They feature work from local artists that is unique and creative.

UnknownYou can find everything front necklaces, to prints, to tees, and home items. It’s all either handmade or original artwork from Oklahoma artists.

A while back, I had a few people tell me I should try to get my Oklahoma Series posters in some local shops and the first thing that popped in my mind was how neat it would be to see my items in Collected Thread. I was pretty convinced that they wouldn’t want my artwork because, well, that’s just how I am – my own worst critic! But hey, I always like to try new things too.

I contacted the shop owner and she actually thought it would be a great item for the store. I was a little shocked honestly, but ecstatic to have the chance to show my work. The handmade boutique will be featuring both the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher and the Buffalo posters as well as the postcards!! I couldn’t be more thankful to the shop owner for the great opportunity – I’m hopeful and excited to see how they do in the store. They’ve officially been collected!

These posters and postcards are also for sale on the Etsy Shop: Astrea Creative.



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