Best of 2017 [Part 2]

Best of 2017 [Part 2]

T W E N T Y  S E V E N T E E N

Big Strides…

In 2017, we completed not one, but two books for Rita Murray of Performance Consulting and began a huge social media overhaul. Her books are used as business tools and contain front to back illustration and color to keep the viewer intrigued and interested page after page. These books – Mentoring Translation Guide and Types Translation contain fun, useful information about MBTI and personality type as well as how to bridge the gap between generations.



As we worked on these books, we began to determine a great route for social media marketing and after they were complete, social media work began. Social media is a fickle beast and it takes great patience find a good ebb and flow for posting, times, days, types of posts, etc. Rita’s ability to communicate openly and determine her “voice” gave us a solid foundation during 2017 for her social media platforms. Now in 2018, we will be able to build and grow social media!

It’s been quite a fun road watching each piece of Rita’s work come to life and begin to grow!

2017 Favorites

Rita Murray/Performance Consulting Books

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