Best of 2017 [Part 3]

Best of 2017 [Part 3]

T W E N T Y  S E V E N T E E N

A Little Excitement…


As a Graphic Designer working for a company, you get to see your design work in print fairly regularly. I worked for a book publisher for many years and was able to see each book cover or layout I created during the proofing stage – each and every one. It was always a fun day when proofs came through and your work really came to life!


I also had the opportunity to work for a Fortune 500 company where we had our own print shop just a few floors away. I could see all of the pieces in print by just hopping on the elevator – or walking out of my cubicle for that matter. Banners were hanging from the rafters that started as a speck of color on my computer and everyone was handed invitations that were dreamed up in my mind. It’s a fun little rush for a designer to see all of these things floating around you all day!


As a freelance designer, you see very little of your final artwork and even less of that artwork in it’s place. This past year, I was blessed to see several final designs in some super cool venues! 


Our Oklahoma posters were picked up by LOREC Ranch who opened their new store in Pawhuska, OK right next to Pioneer Woman. They invited their artists to attend the Grand Opening and it was a real joy to see an Astrea Creative original hanging next to so many of their beautiful home furnishings and worked in with their high-end leather and wood furniture.

Around the same time I had been talking to LOREC Ranch, we were working on a couple of cool projects for the Oklahoma State Fair. At the ADDY awards ceremony, I met a man that was intrigued by the design work they had seen on my website, namely tee designs and asked if I would be interested in doing some shirts for them. A few months down the road, we started work on the official shirt of the Oklahoma State Fair and food vendor tees! My husband and I were able to visit the fair one night and check out the designs in print at the Made In Oklahoma booth. They had almost sold out at the time which was pretty cool all on it’s own!

Along with these events, many of you that have shared pictures of Oklahoma posters you’ve seen while out and about, sent photos of final printed artwork created for your business or event, and tagged us on social media with images of your Astrea designs. It’s been fun seeing the design work go from computer to it’s final destination again and we thank you all for that!

2017 Favorites

Oklahoma State Fair Apparel

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