Musical Window Table

As a music lover, this was a really fun project – probably one of my favorites! For Christmas, I wanted to be able to give my grandmother something special, not just another coffee cup, scarf, or something else picked up at a store.


My grandma is an awesome lady, full of faith and love, and she’s always willing to go above and beyond for her family. She has been playing piano since she was young and has been collecting sheet music for years and years – she’s got drawers full of the stuff. So, I asked if I could borrow some to make a special project (tricking her into believing it was for someone on the other side of my family). I had her take out the pieces that were extra special – I didn’t want to cut or ruin those – then went on my way with a several nice sheets.


Look how beautiful!!


Some pieces dating back to the 1920’s.


To get this looking like one unit, I had to have the correct pieces which took some trial and error. First, I sanded down an old window, scraped the glass as best I could, and painted it black (a nice accent to the music notes). Then had my husband cut a piece of plywood to match the size of the window. Next, I found the best arrangement for the music and pasted it down with a spray adhesive. I tried a small portion of poly over it, but it darkened the pages too much so I stuck with a spray only.





After everything was set where it looked nice in the window, I trimmed up the edges of the sheet music and attached the top to the plywood. Now, I bought these pretty legs at Lowes and painted them black, but when I put them on, they looked like toothpicks trying to hold up a watermelon! So, I went to the local thrift and antique shops looking for a cheap table with a cool base to replace the thin legs.


Check this out!

IMG_3594  IMG_3597



Not only was this a unique base, but it matched the style of the table I was picturing PERFECTLY! So, it got sanded down and painted black to match! Bonus: the drawer had vintage advertisements in the bottom and the black and white knob was an antique! It was a lucky find!


Once dry, I loaded it up and surprised my grandparents. They were so excited! I couldn’t have been happier with the final result and am beyond happy that they loved it 🙂



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