Super Budget Reno

Super Budget Reno

If you’ve read any of my blog, you know I like to be creative in every aspect of my life, not just in my day-to-day job. This is a little background on a HUGE creative project that was just finished!

About two years ago, my husband and I bought our first home. We had some very wise advise to purchase a house well under our budget that had the ability to make money. Sound weird? …Let me explain.

If we could find a house that was outdated, but had a good layout and solid “bones”, we could do some fairly simple updates and make the house feel new again to a potential buyer. Doing this would allow for a profit to be made, but in order to make a profit we had to watch our budget closely.

Here’s the house we found after quite a bit of searching!


Exterior Before

Boring huh! So, one of the first things we had the money to do was give the front a facelift. That meant some major painting and removal of one overgrown garden. Every house in our neighborhood has a bland exterior color so we wanted to be sure to give it a WOW appeal. This is what we came up with when all was said and done.

Exterior After

Paint isn’t super expensive so this was a good place to get our momentum. Giving it a pretty blue color with a simple white accent was all the pop we needed. You can see in this picture a project we did before the exterior – the fence.

When we purchased, the fence was literally falling over. To save money, we pulled all the old panels down, tore each slat off, removed the nails, sanded them, put them back up horizontally and painted the whole thing white. In hindsight, it’s lovely and has a vintage appeal. During… let’s just say we are glad we both made it out alive!

You can see some better pictures of the fence transformation along with the back yard updates. Every good pool needs a great deck!

We saved a TON of money by salvaging the old fence. Another way we saved money was making a few unique changes that were functional and made space feel bigger without actually changing the structure. My favorite space in the house was the very office I work in each day! We converted the closet into a reading nook for my niece and nephew to hang out in when they were there for the summer. The pups made sure to make use of the space as well. The best part is, it’s almost the size of a twin size bed so it’s very functional as a bedroom or work space.


It just took some paint, a trip to Ikea and a teeny bit of help from the husband to make this space fresh and new. That’s all the second bedroom and master took as well thank goodness!


Do you know how expensive it is to replace every hinge, doorknob, light switch and outlet in your home? It’s crazy how much just a doorknob can cost! To save on costs, we actually spray painted things like the hinges that would last forever – just grabbed some Rustoleum Satin Nickel and it looked great. Also, it likely saved us $100s.

Now, these were the easy spaces. The bathrooms were both looking super 90’s and it was awful – that nasty oak trim and cabinetry had to go. In the master, the vanity had quite a bit of water damage so we had to totally replace it, but the guest bathroom just needed some paint. There were a few items that really saved us the cash – floors, counters, and shower paint.

The tile was not in bad shape on the floors, but it didn’t match anything in the house so we did some research and painted the tile – scary, but it’s still holding up and looking great! The counter for the guest bath was actually covered in a cool stick down that looks exactly like granite, it’s durable and cleans up awesome. I love it! And, the master shower was hard-water stained and yellow-ish from age. So, we decided to paint it and let me tell you, when they say to wear a mask, they mean a military-grade gas mask! It’s legit.. and works beautifully for a nice, clean new shower! I can’t even explain how nice it was to shower in this wonderful, clean white shower after a year in the yellow “crud tub”!!

Want to know more about these cost-saving tricks? Comment below what you want to learn about in depth!


You can see how much this brightened up the space and made it so much more fresh and clean! The master bath was small so we trade out the bulky cabinet above the toilet for some open shelving.

Quiet possibly the biggest change of all was the kitchen! The cabinets got a fresh coat of white along with some new hinges and hardware. That alone made the kitchen look awesome in comparison, but also looked horrible with mismatched appliances and the same awful tile that we found in the bathroom.

Rather than lose money in granite counters, we opted for a low-cost alternative which is a nice faux soapstone. For the market we were in, granite wasn’t cost effective by any means. The tutorial we used for the soapstone worked brilliantly and I was extremely happy with the end result (and it only cost us like $15 total)!! With that, some newly matching appliances, and a fun chalk, pocket door, the kitchen looked like new!

Want to know more? Comment below and let us know what you’re curious about.


The most drastic change was the flooring! We found some awesome laminate wood flooring at Home Depot for cheap, cheap. It’s very durable, scratch-resistant (with our 3 crazy dogs this is very important) and water doesn’t seem to hurt it. It really helped the look overall. The living space just needed that, some paint, and creative storage to bring it back to life.

Another trip to Ikea and we had everything needed for an awesome new, very large entertainment center and shelving to decorate around the windows. We moved the dining space to behind the living area to give more sitting space. Sometimes all a space needs is to be reimagined a little.

Side Note: My husband made so many cool things for us at this house! He custom built the entertainment center I dreamed up, the farmhouse table built from my grandfather’s barn wood, and the nook for the office. He did so many other things, but these were my favs.

Living/Dining Room

We remodeled every space. It was a lot of work, many hours, tons of paint, sweat and help from friends, but it was so worth it! We couldn’t be happier with the end result. And, the best part, we didn’t break the bank!

That’s our first remodel on a budget! It’s a lengthy post so I tried not to be overwhelming with details. I hope you enjoyed seeing the transformation as much as I did.

If you are curious about any of the updates, custom builds or have any questions, comment below! Wanting to know where to find this awesome decor and furniture? I’d love to share with you!!












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